Friday, 3 July 2015

Make Google your Best Friend And Know Anything in the World

  • Here i want to make a some common sense about google and to tell you why you should make google your best friend. Like when i started using internet, i did not have any godfather to guild me on any thing, so i was just relying on google who make me who i am today.
  • I have find out that google is one of the must informative platform that give you information on any thing you wanna know on the internet so for that i was always depending on them when ever i have any challenge on the internet.
  • I have never dreamed to become a blogger, but i can tell you that its google that expose me to blogging. Blogging is a eyes opener through google.
  • Blogging is not easy but with enough information i google has make it easier for me. I could remember when i keep using 99 percent of my time on google reading about many things and i can tell you today that GOOGLE MAKE ME WHO I AM TODAY.
  • Yes is not a lie so i want you to know this that even if you are a blogger, webmaster or none of the above you can still make it with the help of google.
  • why you have to make google your best friend in this circumstances is that you have to know that google have a lot of information that will help you through whatever problem you are having online, So as a novice you have to invest your time reading some stuff online and doing researches on google.
  • So if you want to be smart on internet stuff you have to be addicted to google!
  • Try it out and search any information you need with
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