Friday, 3 July 2015

9 Things You Should Never Do In A Relationship

    A man who truly loves you will never ask you to do anything you’re uncomfortable doing in order to prove your love to him. While you might be doing some things happily for your man, there are some things you shouldn't do when you are in love. Read them below:

1. Don't Have Sex Against Your Wish.
It’s very rare to see a virgin these days, I know that there are some out there. If you’ve made a vow to yourself and God that you would abstain from having sex until you get married, that is a decision that any man you are dating should respect. If he can’t be patient, then bounce him!

2. Don't Change Your Values.
I believe that everybody has his/her own set of moral values and principles that he or she believe in. These values shape our identity and personality to a good extent. Don't ever try to change your morals just because your man wants you to.

3. Don't Sacrifice Your Personal Space.
Never sacrifice your personal space and time that you should be spending with your family, friends or loved ones—just because he wants you to. Try to divide it and give it a balance.

4. Don't Forget Who You Are.
Never over trim yourself to suit him. Do not change your likes and dislikes for him. Do not show that you are less intelligent than him just to boost his pride or only because it will make him happy. Majority of Men like independent women, so acting stupid is not going to help at all.

5. Don't Give Him Access To Control You.
He should never make the final decision of what you should and should not do. Always discuss things with him. And also, make your decision keeping your own lifestyles and choices in mind.

6. Don't Do Anything Illegal.
A lot of women are in prison doing a bid for a guy they loved. A man who loves you would never get you involved in anything that could land you in jail. You may think dealing with a thug is fun and exciting but see how fun and exciting it will be trying to get a job after you come out of prison. No amount of love is worth your freedom.

7. Don't Ignore Your Dreams.
Just because he wants you to spend time with him or be around him always, should not make you feel guilty into turning down that big opportunity that would have changed your life positively.

8. Don't Change Your Look.
Don't ever change the way you look only because your man desires so. Changes like dressing and styling Is okay. But if he wants you to go for surgeries to change certain aspect of your appearance, then disagree to it. A good man should admire his woman's natural beauty and not work towards changing it.

9. Don't Do It Without A Condom.
If your man pulls your panties up, head for the door and never look back, He is showing you that he doesn’t value your sexual health. Don't have a Baby for him when you're not ready. No matter what stage your relationship is in, not using a condom should be a mutual decision based on trust and love
and at least two visits to the clinic to make sure you both are STD free. No love is worth dying over.

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