Monday, 29 June 2015

Join PropellerAds,No 1 Best Google Adsense Alternative

PropellerAds is the best alternative for Google Adsense when it comes to High CPMs for all countries.They also have huge list of best advertisers just like Google Ads.You can choose any different payment method you like.You just have to join! Don't worry,approval is easy.
Why PropellerAds?
There are lots of reasons to join PropellerAds now:

  • Their goal: monetize 100% of your inventory
  • Approving almost all the sites even with small traffic volume
  • The highest CPMs for all countries
  • Running all ad formats
  • No malware guarantee in their advertising tags
  • A huge list of best advertisers
  • Minimal payout hold ever: net 30 payment policy
  • Different payment methods to choose
  • Minimal ad network commission: only 20%
  • Real-time online reporting of your activity and earnings
  • Dedicated personal customer service and support

How do I get started?

You need to sign up for an account by filling the form and start making money with PropellerAds easy. Please make sure that your site meets their requirements which can be found at Terms and Conditions
Is there any entrance fee to join PropellerAds?
It is absolutely free!
Can PropellerAds fill my international traffic?
Sure! PropellerAds intends to monetize all your traffic at best price by filling 100% of your entire inventory from all countries with paid advertisements. Their huge list of advertisers all over the world makes it easy to offer you a complete advertising solution for all your website property.
Where can I view my statistics: impressions, clicks, revenue and eCPM?
Once your site is approved you will get a confirmation with login & password to the e-mail address mentioned in Sign-up form. To view your account information and statistics log in at using your credentials.
How much revenue will I generate?
Publishers participate on a revenue share model where they receive 80% of the revenue generated by their inventory. Their up-to-date optimization tools, and various available creatives enable them to achieve the highest eCPM, maximizing the value of your traffic at all times.
Is there any guarantee I will not get malware or virus through their tags?
PropellerAds is serious about our publisher's property and manually selects what kind of ads you display. They never accept suggestive or malicious content from our advertisers. You can also ban specific ads per your request and they will block it immediately.
How and when will I get paid?
Publishers are paid on Net 30 days from the date the invoice is received. Minimum payout is $100 for Payoneer payments and $100 for wire transfers (if the balance is lower the amount is carried to the next payment circle).

At the moment they offer wire transfer,epayments,Epese,Paxum,WebmoneyZ and Payoneer as their payment methods.
 Which ad units can I run with PropellerAds?
They have all kinds of ad formats:

  • 120x600 Skyscraper
  • 160x600 Wide Skyscraper
  • 468x60 Full Banner
  • 300x250 in video banners
  • Interstitials ads
  • Catfish ads
  • Slider ads
  • Layers
  • Pop-unders
  • Video pre-rolls
  • Site skins

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