Monday, 29 June 2015

How to Upgrade Blackberry Operating System (OS)

How to upgrade Blackberry Operating System (OS)
    There are many advantages of upgrading your Blackberry's Operating System (OS), better compatibility with the latest apps and features is one. Upgrading your Blackberry's OS is a rather simple process but you should be careful not to interrupt the process else you nuke (crash) your Blackberry. There are two methods:
Online Method
For this method, you will need a laptop / PC with internet connection and Blackberry desktop manager & installed on it ( Here's the Blackberry desktop Manager software download link ) . The procedure is as follows:

Connect to the internet
Launch Blackberry Desktop manager
Connect your Blackberry to the PC and wait for your Blackberry to be recognized (The software will display your Blackberry's info)
Backup your Blackberry contacts and info ( Go to the upper left corner & click 'Device' & click 'Back up' & Follow the wizard)
After backing up, go back to the upper left corner & click 'Device' & Click 'Update' & Follow the wizard
The wizard will search for available updates after which it will display them for you to select from. You could either pick a higher version (upgrade) or pick a lower version (downgrade)
Just follow the instructions provided by the wizard, allow it to download the needed items then auto-complete the process
* Note that as straight-forward and easy as this method is, it consumes a lot of data (MB) and will have to restart if interrupted or the connection is slow

Offline Method
For this method, you need a laptop / PC (no need for internet connection) and the firmware for your phone (download it from the blackberry website or google for the latest OS for your phone model)
Download the firmware (Latest Operating System) for your Blackberry model and install it
Restart your laptop / PC
Navigate to My Computer & Program files or Program files (x86) if you use 64 bit Common files & Research in motion & AppLoader & Delete a file named 'Vendor.xml' and Launch a file named 'Loader'
Follow the wizard, just select what you want from the available options and click next
This method is a lot more data (MB) friendly
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