Monday, 29 June 2015

How To Stay Healthy in 2015

1. Mastering the basics:Try to master some fundamental exercises. Learning how to complete these exercises with great form and technique will ensure your workout is effective. Spend time learning some of the following exercises: Jump rope, pelvic shift, Squat,
Lunge,Cat and Dog, Press up, Sit up, Pull up which have been highlighted in our previous edition.

2. Train with intensity:Our lifestyles can be very demanding so when training, focus on the intensity. Lots of research suggests that High Intensity Training is one of the best ways to train and quickest ways to get results.
3. Use your own body weight
Body weight exercises can be very demanding and challenging but they have great benefits. They are free to do, you can do them anywhere and you can get a whole body workout in a very short time.
Start to build up your exercise regime with body weight exercises.
4. Eat breakfast
Breakfast should be one of your most important meals of the day. It is essential to get your metabolism started for the day so you continue to burn calories all day long.Most people tend to either skip or rush breakfast. Yes, you may need to get up a little earlier but it will put you in a much better position to start your day and help you on the way to achieving those goals.
5. Ensure adequate hydration:Hydration is key for anyone looking to exercise. Make sure you are drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day.
Always turn up to sessions hydrated and make sure you rehydrate with at least 1.5 times the fluid that was lost during your training session.
Exercise using your own body weight and you'll get a workout that tones up all your wobbly bits
6. Cardio caution:Cardio work should be factored into your sessions. It is one of the greatest ways to get into shape and is necessary to keep your heart healthy and your body functioning the way it should.
7. Get outside:Exercising in the great outdoors has many  health benefits. It is much better for you to breathe in fresh air compared to air conditioning, especially if you are stuck in a gym with loads of germs floating around you
8. Lowering Carbohydrate  Intake:Carbohydrates seem to get a bad name. Those who are looking to drop weight tend to avoid any form of carbohydrates.Lowering the amount you consume will help with losing weight but you shouldn't cut them out completely. They are important for energy production, recovery, muscle growth and fat loss.Instead of removing them completely, just ensure that you are consuming carbohydrates that are not full of sugar.
9. Have variety:Variety is a key factor to the success of your training. Your body very quickly recognises and adapts to any exercise or training session that you complete.
Therefore, in order to progress you must continually make the body guess and challenge it in different ways. Variety in a diet is also key to enjoying what you are eating as well as getting all the essential minerals and vitamins.
10. Train with others
Having a training partner or training in a group has some good benefits. They will help you stay motivated, it becomes a great social environment and you can have some great fun.

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