Sunday, 28 June 2015

5 Tricks for Solving Windows PC Problems

                      Almost everybody uses a Windows computer. The Windows computer was designed to form computing and life normally simple, however generally they develop an inventory of issues that find yourself frustrating your efforts instead of easing them. whereas these issues might sound extraordinarily knotty and infrequently tough to manage, they\'re really straightforward to repair, you only got to grasp what tricks to use. No.1 Blog has created an inventory of five troubleshooting tricks that solve several of the issues that plague Windows computer users. though these tricks might not continuously work, they\'re value knowing as they are doing not necessitate any technical experience some, and may be utilized by anybody.
 See Below For The Tricks

1. Reboot
This is the quantity one answer to lots of Windows issues. the majority use their PCs for long periods of your time while not motility it down or a minimum of restarting it. This sometimes fosters a frustrating type of glitches on windows like your systems gets very slow, some applications shut down, everything starts to hold, that makes exploitation your pc AN ordeal. the nice factor regarding Windows is that\'s has AN astounding capability for fixing itself. The trick is to revive – merely flip the computer off and switch it on once more. whereas these might sound like one thing everybody ought to grasp, particularly since the trick works  for alternative physics similarly, lots of individuals United Nations agency aren\'t school savvy don\'t grasp this. A result to the current tip is that it pays to try to to a revive sporadically therefore Windows will finish off once itself. Your computer can run quicker and you may save yourself lots of hiccups.
2. Check the Task Manager
The Task Manager may be a nice Windows tool that helps you manage the approach programs, processes and services run on your computer. you\'ll use the Task Manager to watch your computer’s performance or to shut a program that is not responding. the primary factor each knowledgeable about  user will once a pc is running slowly or having issues, is open up Task Manager to check what method is taking on the foremost central processing unit Usage similarly as alternative resource or memory-wasting apps or and to prevent it. this can be an excellent thanks to resolve bound windows problems.  Open Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar, and so clicking begin Task Manager or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
3. endure Safe Mode
Most people see the Safe mode possibility whereas their pc is starting off and that they marvel what it\'s all regarding. The safe mode may be a diagnostic setup for windows that is a troubleshooting possibility, limiting Windows operation to basic functions by beginning with solely core drivers and in operation with a blank minimum of drivers and Windows elements. once your computer isn\'t booting, you may in all probability need to start out off with Safe Mode. To access the Safe mode, press F8 , Shift+F8 or shift + restart (for window eight.1). once you get into Windows,you will discover that the matter was possible one thing that presumably masses only you boot ordinarily - graphics card drivers, junk applications, or maybe some spyware applications.

4. Check the network cable
While the wireless technology has been unreal and wide tailored, cables square measure still terribly important to the operation of any Windows computer. during a scenario wherever a network cable isn\'t properly connected or has been dislodged, you may actually have problems along with your computer. each savvy user of physics learns to see connections, as a loose association causes issues lots additional typically than you would possibly assume. If your pc refuses to return on – it gets to the loading screen and doesn’t go any more perhaps, attempt unplugging the network cable  and once the window masses, you plug it back in.

5. Use System Restore
Sometimes putting in a program or driver will create Windows run slowly or erratically. from time to time like that, it\'s necessary to try to to a system restore. System restore merely implies restoring your computer back to mill settings. whereas this might sound to a small degree extreme, it\'s a superb alternative for fixing all styles of windows issues because it will come your PC\'s system files and programs to a time once everything was operating fine, doubtless preventing hours of troubleshooting headaches. the nice factor is that it doesn\'t have an effect on your documents, pictures, or alternative information. It merely gets the system up and running once more in minutes. to urge to system restore, go online to Windows as AN administrator; Click begin, purpose to any or all Programs, purpose to Accessories, purpose to System Tools, and so click System Restore. On the Welcome to System Restore page, click to pick out the Undo my last restoration possibility, and so click Next.

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